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Creative Technology and Live Entertainment require teamwork. 


 A successful team contains a spirit of cooperation and each new project requires a new set of skills.


We regularly augment our team with new team members that have the skill sets necessary for each project. 

We choose team members that we know will be committed and bring a level of excellence to each particular project, and whom we know will work well together.  

From the beginning, our intention in forming BOX OF WISHES was to be independent, to bring excellence and expertise to projects, and to create a company that takes a design-centered approach to project management, business development, production management, manufacturer representation, and to assist with product development in order to adapt existing technologies used in other industries to the live entertainment industry. 


We exist across business categories to facilitate uncommon or difficult projects that don’t fit neatly in a single business category. 

BOX OF WISHES is a firm created to collaborate with artists, architects, designers, developers, and fabricators to bring uncommon creativity to reality and expert resources to creativity.  That is where we are already headed. We want you to come with us.  Let's collaborate on a project? 



Box of Wishes' core team includes Gen X and Gen Y (Millenials). 

We are looking forward to this pandemic to end and to grow our team again.



As part of our board of advisors, we decided to include Gen Z (i-generation) plus baby-boomers.

(more details coming soon) 






Lis Roncato is a dynamic and forward-thinking professional. She thrives in combining strategic planning expertise with a hands-on management. Regularly takes responsibility for driving growth optimizing processes, and improving productivity. She is happy wearing many hats but is a key player producing, consulting, and providing production support on various projects involving live entertainment, multimedia, business development, marketing, & sales.


She brings vast experience from different industries, which includes the film industry, live show production, event production, the fintech world, the translation world, and the humanitarian world. Having degrees and working experience in Multimedia Design, Engineering, Business Administration, and Project Management… An entrepreneur at heart, she has 25 years of profiting and learning from her failures and successes and is proud of the lessons that came along the way.

To Box of Wishes, she brings her on-the-ground international experience building projects in: Europe (5+ years), Oceania (1 year), Asia (1 year),  Africa (1 1/2 years), North America (10+ years), and as a native of Latin America (10+ years).   She is fluent and has worked in various languages with working proficiency in English, French & Spanish, and is a native speaker of Portuguese. 


WIN Lab Accelarator | Women Innovating Now (WIN) Growth Lab
MIT | CSAIL - Executive Education
Stanford Univesity
Art Institute
FAE Busines School
UFPR - Universidade Federal do Paraná
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Peter Thompson is an experienced project director and designer with 2 decades of experience in lighting, video, and special effects.   With Box of Wishes, he takes on any number of roles from moving light programmer to project manager to designer.  His background in philosophy guides his aesthetic and pragmatic ideas offering creative solutions in the fields of technical direction, project management, consulting, system, lighting, video, and special effects design. 


His in-depth knowledge of construction, live event, and production includes familiarity with the latest code requirements, safety standards, and the latest in entertainment technology.  At home with engineers, electricians, artists, acrobats, designers, directors, technicians, and software developers, he is content to collaborate at any and every level. 


His proven experience working on multiple scales: whether a bar with an automated chandelier or massive multimillion dollar construction project his skills will scale with your needs.


Stanford Univesity
ETCP Entertainment Technician Certification Program
Austin College
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Jem Hodgson has been professionally involved in the entertainment industry since 1986 with most of his career working for Flying by Foy (11 years) and Cirque du Soleil (20 years). He has had the opportunity of being involved with some of the newest and largest technology in the industry, such as the 150-tonne vertical gantry crane from KA and winches reaching 7.6 m/sec and 15 stage lifts at the Beatles LOVE and has been deeply involved with every resident Cirque du Soleil production since 2003.

Jem brings a unique mixture of project management, theoretical and practical knowledge, and a deep understanding of the logistics and problems that beset many bespoke automated effects. Professional experiences have involved working alongside, theatre, ballet, opera, concert touring, film, TV, and even kabuki companies to benefit his wide range of knowledge. In addition to production experience, Jem is well versed in large-scale construction and theatre infrastructure, having spent over 15 years working with design teams, architects, and general contractors and overseeing vendors around the world. Jem has played a key part in delivering some of the entertainment industry’s largest shows and most complex theatres.

Jem is self-taught when it comes to the realm of stage automation and engineering but has found that hands-on experience has kept him keen and feels that the automation discipline still has many exciting things to offer.

Jem is also part of the ESTA Technical Standards Program and is keenly interested in promoting safety within the entertainment, events, and experience industries without limiting creativity.


ANSI | American National Standards Institute
ESTA | Entertainment Services and Technology Association


Paul Marques is an experienced lighting specialist and software programmer with 2 decades of experience in lighting, projection, and special effects.  He holds a bachelor’s degree from Temple University in Media Studies and an Associate Degree in Information Technology.


His experience running the lighting departments for  multiple large scale shows: Ringling Bros. Red Show, Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity, & The Beatles’ Love by Cirque du Soleil, has developed numerous practical and personal skills.  A proven problem solver and innovator, he continues to sharpen his skills and to develop his abilities in different areas. This has led  Paul into a keen interest in Software Programming. He speaks multiple languages.


With Box of Wishes, he takes on any number of roles, from programmer to project manager, technician to crew chief, whether it is an emergency re-solder of an LED to running a crew of 40+ from arranging lines of pixel tapes to rewriting lines of code, Paul is our go-to, get-it-done guy.


CSN | College of Southern Nevada
Temple University


Gabriela Roncato is an architect and urban planner, passionate about the universe of innovation and contemporary design. Born in Brazil, she has deepened her knowledge with her Masters in Interior Design in Italy, where she strongly reconnected with her roots and the culture of her ancestors.  This experience has consolidated her style by using the combination of “re-signifying memories” with “affective design”. Her work has increasingly been evolving and maturing, and the results are quite impressive. 


Gabriela has started working with Box of Wishes as a freelancer while still in school and has been taking increasingly more responsibility, depending on the project. She now brings a technical design, as well as a parametric vision for project development, and her knowledge in 3D and realistic images helps configure ideas and finalize proposals to customers. She also presents her mid 20's visions and desires to our team, and  keeps us grounded with the millenials new entertainment desires. 


She is a specialist in CAD, Sketchup, AutoDesk 3ds Max, Rhino, Vectorworks, and ArchiCad and she speaks multiple languages.


FIDI | Florence Institute Of Design International
UDC | Centro Universitário Dinâmica Das Cataratas
CAU | Brazilian Council of Architecture and Urbanism
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